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    I would like to know if any of you know that product. I will try It for the next week, even If things are going pretty well for me lately. Just curious to know If It is helping someone here.

    only objective review please, no seller...

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    Ha ha, you guys are on to stuff that I'm looking at.... Yea, that's good stuff. There is a well known track coach that I know of that told me about it... There is a lot of science behind this...

    But at the same time.... I'm with Charlie, get the basics covered first: Eat well, get your daily Protein, take MMV, fish oils, and ZMA; THEN this stuff. This stuff is not cheap, it's like over 50 bucks for a bottle bro....

    I took NT factor, it's pretty much the same thing; they give it to people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and what not. Oh, and you got to use this stuff for like 3-4 months +, it not like stimulant or anything...

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    Thanks for the review, i agree that basics must be done before all other things.

    I eat a lot of calories (210pounds around 12%bf) and I work as an osteopath and in a supplement store so I have decent prices.

    Here is my stack:
    ZMA-5 3 before bed 12$/month
    Krill oil 900mg 14$/month
    VitD 5000IU 6$/month
    Malto 3$/month
    Caffeine 400mg before speed 0,64$/month
    Beta-Alanine 3g before speed end. 0,35$/month
    MaxGXL 25$ (for a one week supply) OUCH!

    TOTAL: 36$ amonth 130$ with MaxGXL

    It will take a hell of a good effect for me to invest 3 times as much in one supplement than all the rest of my stack.

    I will take a look at the supp. you did recommand...

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