Was keen to have a look at the NFL's 2011 number one draft pick - quarterback Cam Newton playing for the Carolina Panthers on Monday (Aust time) against the might of the reigning Superbowl champs, the Green Bay Packers.

In the first quarter this guy showed he was the real deal. He picked holes in the Packers defence like he was picking daisies. He took them apart, continually found time & space. Shot to a 13 and nil lead.

As the game progressed, Newton became less effective as the Packers found their rhythm and closed down the Panthers offence. They ended up picking off 4 intercepts - two to Charles Woodson.

Packers ended up winning 30 to 23 after dominating the 2nd & 3rd quarters and most of the final qtr.

GB's quarterback Aaron Rodgers is an absolute gun and showed the experience of knowing when to make the right play. The final pass for the touchdown by Jordy Nelson was superb.

All the same, even in the dieing moments, Newton showed he doesn't like losing and made a desperate play for a touchdown. When this guy gets a lot more games under his belt he will become one of the elite quarterbacks in the game - a player, the Panthers can build a team around.

Glad the Packers got him in only his second game because he will win a few for Carolina.