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Thread: The Allan Wells Book of Sprinting

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    The Allan Wells Book of Sprinting

    Does anyone own the Allan Wells Book of Sprinting? If so, is it a worthwhile book to buy (if it's still in print)?

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    I have it...
    Its a totally different system to anything you read here..any is not really described in great detail...nice to read but there are better sources of information.

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    Thanks aj1. ?Would you mind giving us a brief synopsis of Allan's training?
    I know that he did lots of speedball as well as chin ups, push ups, sit ups and bodyweight squats. I also heard he used to do plyos 6x week for 6 weeks before switching to the track. Is this correct?
    I haven't heard anything about the sort of track work he used to do. Would you care to fill me in on that?

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    I remember reading the book a few years ago but it doesn't go into a great amount of detail. The 2nd Sprints & Relays book (Tafnews Press) had an article with info.

    The basic Wells prgram was derived from a brilliant coach called Jim Bradley, which went pretty much like this:

    Gym period - 6/8 weeks: bodyweight exercises and speedball.

    Track period - 5 weeks: week 1, easy 120 yard runthroughs; wk 2, three-quarter pace 60s; wk 3, three-quarter pace 60-20-60s; wk 4, near max speed 60s; wk 5, near max speed 60-20-60s.

    Blockwork - 6 weeks: start with 60 & 80 yards x 2 ... develop to 3x60 ... sometimes 2x60 or 60 & 80. Also introduce 30s. Race or Trial couple of times a week.

    I believe Wells added his own plyos, as did many Scots sprinters who followed the Bradley basics.

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    I think the training of Allan Wells is definitely worth looking at, in order to see what can be done with incredibly meagre facilities. Those in a similar circumstance should look closely.

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    neospeed, will put up some stuff tonight, don't have the book with me at the moment, on the balls stuff is correct, and probably a little more detailed in terms of track work.
    Jim Bradley coaches in Australia, his program has been used by a number of Australian sprinters to good effect.

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    Thanks ontheball. Do you know if Allan did any gym work at all during the 11 weeks of track work? Also, did he do any track work during the 6-8 weeks gym period, or just plyos?

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    Sorry about delay in getting back to you as I have been forced offline for a week.

    I do not know from first-hand what Wells did re gym work during track phase. However, I did some training in the mid-80s with the coach Wells had from '78 onwards and we did plenty of abs after trackwork and sometimes burnout press ups eg press ups to max / 100 chinnies / press ups to max / 100 chinnies ... short, sharp and effective.

    Re track work during gym phase. I believe that during the 60s, Bradley's sprinters might only have done a few runthroughs after their gym work, maybe three times a week, after initial soreness from gym work was gone.

    Again, I don't know what Wells did but when I went over to Edinburgh in the mid-80s we mixed in a few sessions like 4x300 and 2x5x150 during the gym phase.

    During track phase I think Wells, because he also competed over 200m, developed Bradley's 60-20-60 yard sessions (designed for the 120 yards of the New Year Sprint) to 60-20-70m.

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    Thanks ontheball. Interesting track work there with the 60-20-60s. I wonder why he went as short as 20m in the middle of 2 60s. Were these from blocks?
    Do you know if Allan has ever done any coaching of sprinters? Do you know what Allan is doing with himself these days?

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    By the way, Jacko, if you could put up some info on Wells' training when you get a chance, I'd appreciate it.
    Thanks mate.

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