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Thread: triple extension for cycling

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    triple extension for cycling

    Does anyone have a opinion on whether or not triple extension applies to out of the saddle sprinting on a bike. Also is it reasonable to look at hip height to determine if the athlete has adequate strength levels during a high speed sprint?

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    "Does anyone have a opinion on whether or not triple extension applies to out of the saddle sprinting on a bike"

    Good question, the neuromuscular firing patterns between hip, knee and ankle extension is different to track sprinting.
    ( much more delayed)

    Also elastic energy is not stored & released from the hip due to the absence of rapid eccentric forces.

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    Sharmer thanks for your reply. Do you have a idea how this lack of eccentric force or stored elastic energy might effect strength training as it applies to improving cycling performance.

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    I cannot answer the question with confidence however i dont think strength training should be concentric to accomodate cycles lack of eccentric force.

    I'll research the question further and get back to you


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    Would somebody who does the odd cycle sprint start losing their elastic strength potential, assuming they allready get some elastic work done from another sport, i,e basketball?

    Also, how strong are those olympic 200m persuit cycle sprinters? I've seen some with fantastic thigh developement. Only thing is they're not getting a great deal of hamstring stimulas as compared to quadraceps with the actuall cycling.

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