Run Your Own Race

February 16, 2018 by Angela Coon


Regenerative Platinum: Rule #1.

The first step to running your own race is to ground yourself in gratitude by appreciating yourself for who you are— when we get caught up in comparisons, we're not living in acceptance. How can we become our best selves if we're not in touch with who we are in the first place? When we connect with ourselves, we experience peace, and peace is essential to manifesting ourselves as top performers.

Peace is a power you can only truly harness by getting out of our own way. Empower yourselves to perform at the highest levels of your capabilities by putting down the comparison trap and starting to tune in to the wisdom of your body. I cannot overstate how important this is, and how foundational it is for success. Nothing matters more than tapping into the cues and signals your body is sending you. The more you listen, the more your body will tell you. This rising awareness is a potent key to attaining the highest levels of performance. Listen to your body and the rest will fall into place.

Regenerative Platinum: Rule #2.

Own your own life by staying humble. And by humble I don't mean playing yourself down, or projecting yourself as less than you are. Real humility is seeing yourself as what you truly are. People who stay centered in humility perform better than people who are caught up in projections of themselves. Think of all the times you sold yourself short by holding back. Or, got in your own way by over-trying.

I'm sharing these hard won regenerative secrets with you because I know that they work, and because I want to help others attain to their best selves— I share what I cherish. Don't be afraid to dream big, dig deeply, and act from your spirit. You will be surprised at how quickly and profoundly opening yourself up to these ideas will affect your training. The power is already in you. Stop making it more or less than it is. Just be.

Regenerative Platinum: Rule #3.

Let go. Stop trying to rule the world. Stop doing. Allow performance to happen. Get the heck out of your own way. Know yourself and accept yourself as you are. When you let go of the need to control everything, all of that energy can be channeled into self transformation. This is the great secret of personal power. It is quite the concept isn't it? The transformation isn't something you do, it something you are. Allow yourself to be. Or, as the great master Lao Tzu wrote in the Tao:


Do nothing, and nothing will go undone.

Coach Ange



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