Overspeed? Are you sprinting into trouble?

November 22, 2018 by Angela Coon

Overspeed. Decide for yourself.

Does overspeed make sense? ( refer to "Running into the trouble", above). 

Is there a need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to safe, proven methods that can be repeated with grand successes?

Is the risk worth an alleged return?

Running into Trouble

Why didn't Charlie use overspeed to develop some of the most most repeatable methods for speed training to date?

( because he didn't need to..., an idea the may be too simple for most?)  

Keep in mind this. If you get injured, you may never be capable of returning to the same abilities as before. You would not be the first to have this happen or the last. ( this idea was a main idea we used to navigate daily training for more 2 decades) 

My mission after losing Charlie to a 5 year fight with Stage 4 NHL was to maintain the content he spent his life creating and experimenting with in order to achieve significant and repeatable results in sprinting.

In the face of many political sport hurdles, Charlie and I made it our primary goal to share our content with sprinters, coaches, athletes and students who were passionate about speed training.  

I encourage you to study some or all of the massive archive of content at charliefrancis.com.  The forum review of 2002 as well as 2009 offers some of the best content from the website’s world class forum to which Charlie contributed over 10,000 posts himself from 2000 to 2010.

Take a look at our Weights for Speed bundle here  to learn why lifting weights and building strength are critical but study why Coach Francis and Coach Ange Coon prioritized speed training followed by lifting weights.

This is a list of lifts Francis and Coon used and Coon continues to use while coaching sprinting at the highest developmental levels.

Lastly, the best context for a full understanding of why Francis became a world class sprint coach is inside his book "Speed Trap". The story revolves around the events of 1988, but for me the most interesting part is how Francis discusses many of his ideas and how he came to them and why.  For passionate athletes looking for more in their training this book might help you find it.

Sprinting your own race requires a recipe only you the reader can decide and experiment with.  I trust this information will become content you find useful and enjoyable for your speed, sprinting and power sport pursuits.

"Sprint your own life"











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Pearls of Wisdom .....

December 07, 2012 by Angela Coon


 Pearls of Wisdom ....

 ( ...we take from making the most out of what we already have ).


I read a blog the other day and laughed at comments regarding coach Charlie Francis's disorganized lecture style.  I smiled when the same person commented about Francis focusing a great deal on his most accomplished athlete. 


Francis was disorganized and typically his focus was on his superstar athlete to illustrate his work.  Francis was capitalizing on what he had. 


A recent blog I wrote on Complete Speed Training. It talks about this idea of taking advantage of what we already have.   Francis was a master at practicing what he wanted to perfect. 


Francis coached me for the duration of my adult athletic career and he embedded this lesson into our daily belief system with laser focus. 


Francis's disorganized style was part of who he was. It was part of what made him one of the very best at developing speed in athletes or anyone interested in trying to get faster. 


I recently learned about the Silicon Valley companies who will only hire people who have autism or Aspergers disease. Why? These people have a narrow focus and ignore almost all other things in the face of solving a problem.  A trait we might all benefit from when we want to accomplish a specific goal (as in athletics).


Francis knew how to focus....and while sometimes the other parts of life become unorganized as a consequence of this valuable trait, attaining focus is challenging to achieve.


I set out in this blog to write about the tremendous support Charlie received from a select group of coaches throughout his professional life.  These coaches and some former athletes knew the ropes better than anyone. What is interesting to me is all they were doing was making the most out of what they had as well.

I hope this idea helps others the way it has guided me....


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