Vancouver 2002 FAST Series Seminar - Volume 1


This product is the first of two volumes and was just digitized from our archives and is approx. two hours of deep technical discussion and analysis with Coach Charlie Francis.  Coach Francis hosted this seminar to detail and teach his methods, concepts and theories to a group of avid coaches and athletes in Vancouver in 2002.

The footage shows vintage Coach Francis at his best talking through some of the most technical and highly advanced concepts the sprinting world has ever known.   He does this in his usual storytelling style which makes the material consumable for advanced and beginning coaches and athletes alike.  The video footage is adequate however the sound is slightly degraded in parts. Even still it is an interesting look into the greatest sprint coaching mind the world has ever known.

We believe everyone who buys this will find a variety of items they will be able to use in their training program that will make a difference to their results quickly.