CF 2002 Forum Review ( Elite Sprinting)


After reading through the CF 2002 Forum Review e-book , it is understandable why Tim Montgomery approached Coach Charlie Francis after setting the 100 meter sprint world record and why five-time Olympic medal winner Marion Jones came with him.

Covered in this book is a variety of training and performance related topics built from conversations between Coach Francis and other sprint coaches and athletes from around the world. There are 130 pages with Q&A dialogue covering elements of high performance sprint training, all which are easily adaptable for other speed and power related sports. 

The conversational style and humor make this book an easy read.

Athletes or coachs from beginner to advanced would be interested in reading this material.  The fundamentals have been laid out in a user-friendly manner by Master Coach Charlie Francis.

"This is a gift to the sport"  - comment from  a customer and forum member from