Weights for Speed Part 3 - CF Lectures Series


Weights for Speed Part 3 Coach Charlie Francis talks about power cleans in a general vs specific weight program. In this 33 minute download( the last download of 3 )  Coach Francis explains why he feels a general lifting program is better ( for speed development and speed training in all sports )  vs a specific one using cleans as the example.Francis gives specific examples of how and why the cleans fit into Francis's overall methodology. Coach Charlie Francis outlines 3 different training scenarios  1. Outdoor / cold climate, 2. Indoor only / cold climate/ maximum distance straight away is 60 meters 3. Outdoor/ hot climate / example Jamaica =  and how a specific lift such as a power clean will fit into each training setting. Francis gives coaches and athletes ideas based on his own  experience as a Olympian and coach to one of the most dominate sprint groups in history. 
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