Sprint and Speed Diaries continued Detroit Lion's Training Camp athlete Angela Coon with Coach Charlie Francis

May 3rd 1992 ( Sunday would not  have been a normal training day for me)

Bed time = one of CF’s athlete’s called at 12:30am and woke me up. ( not impressed)

Wake= 7:30 am Drove CF to Silverdome and came back and ate breakfast. ( oatmeal )

I trained alone today and did some swimming and hot and colds in the pool and hot tub. I also did some R’A’s in the pool.

I got a massage / Charlie came back from training about 5pm. I gave him a massage as well.

Monday May 4th 1992

shower quick hot and cold , felt good this morning , oatmeal, bagel with cream cheese and jam.  ( I was just starting to learn about supplements at this time. Looking back it was okay but I had a lot of issues and problems as I was taking so many tablets and hyper focused on the exactness of this or that. I see now there is a much bigger picture out there with regards to nutrition and really we had no idea)

Morning Training 8:30 am  ( We used the Lion’s training came to have a mini 2 x daily camp ourselves. This is how we did things if we went to California to train which we did a few times as Charlie had a room mate from Stanford that allowed us to stay there for week and 2 week periods) We had no money to speak of but I cooked for John and  his wife and 3 kids to earn my keep.

Warm-up = Typically I always jogged for 8 to 10 minutes around the track before anything. I did some easy back and forths and mixed in sit ups and pushups in very small numbers / easy stretching 4 x 15 meters of A’s B’s R’A’s, ( too early to bound or do any hops

9:50am = back to room / straightened out hotel room and I am not sure what I am going to do next

-         Had a nap/ ate lunch at 11am = Chicken leg, chicken breast , cup of soup , bread and butter

-         Went to the pool and  hot tub to do hot and cold

-         Came back and had another nap

-         Picked up Charlie and we went to the track to do our afternoon main workout

-         ( supplements -*lcarnitine , amino’s AA,  chromium, calcium , ginseng, primrose oil vitathion ( a Multi Vitamin drink) , lecithin, *ATP, multivitamin)

-         Went to track about 3:30pm. It was cold today. Warmup was good and I made sure I was warm and loose before doing too much. Charlie felt quite a bit of more tightness in the ham than normal so therefor today we want to be really careful.

-back and forths and stretching

-4 x 10 meter A’s , B’s R’A’s tripling and bumkicks and bounding.

- 2 x strides in spikes

-3 x ( 5 steps) over 5 to 6 hurdles

- it started to spit rain so it was cold so we went to Gold’s to lift.

  1. Ham Curls 40, 60,70, 80, 90lbs
  2. Pull downs 70, 80 100, 100lbs
  3. Bench from machine 
  4. Steated Row 70, 90, 100, 100lbs( last set was too heavy ) would have been machine again
  5. Leg extenstion machine
  6. Bench free weights 45lbs, 65 lbs 85lbs ( needed help with that ) 

Notes about the lifting = I would not have done all the ham curls in a row and then done pull downs. We would have rotated the lifts with ham curl and then a pull down and bench from machine and then go back to ham curl. Once that group was completed we would have rotated the leg extension machine with bench. This gives each body part a rest while adding an element of fitness into the lifting as well. 

If we were lifting heavy or doing a primary lift of importance during competition or during a maximum strength phase the style of lifting would have been different.More focus on quality and weight with much lower volume of reps. 

 ( feeling a little pissed that I could not do speed however we tried to make the best of it.)

Finished in the pool which we often did if the weather prevented us from doing work and we needed to get more done. 

Finished with 2 sets of 10 min Running A’s in pool ( 45 hard / 15 sec easy) ( this is the pool workout we did 100 percent of the time in the pool to replace tempo such as Big Circuit, Little Circuit, 2 sets of 10 x 100 meters and or push up sit up workout which everyone hates but everyone benefits greatly from doing ) If you want to see it done I was showing Jane in Project Jane  how to do this. Training in the pool is one of the best ways to recover while still doing work)

-         Towards the end of the last set my right leg was a little tight. The lifting was good tonight

-         ( after pool we went for dinner) veal, potatoes salad , soup, bread, mint tea cheese cake;)

-         ==================================

-         May 5th 1992 Tuesday

-         Bed 12am/ wake 10:30 am

-         I woke up and drank some water, Charlie came back at 12noon and we had breakfast. ( Breakfast was his favorite meal of the day.

-         ( I probably took too many supplements, too quickly = however it worked out okay cause I just took the workout really slow and easy. I started feeling sick after the first set of Big Circuit and had to take a washroom break and felt a lot better.

-         ( it took me a very long time to figure out the best way to take supplements and not get any issues with my digestion . It was an annoying part of training except for the part that I found I felt better over all but I understand now there were a lot of things out  of balance there we did not fully understand)

-         Big Circuit went smoothly. The 50 meter recovery is essential in order get the most out of my runs / I need this amount of rest to keep the quality of the runs high

-         Big Circuit always feels best when it’s over ( I loved this comment.. so true;)

-         3pm Lunch = 3 egg omelette / oj, pineapple juice , water/ not taking supplements right now. I am feeling vitamin overload.

-         I spoke to one of the players and he had a lot of good things to say about CF.

-         Going to pool to do contrast then shower and then lift .

-         Warm up ( I would not  have spent much time as I would have been pretty warm form the Running Big Circuit

-         1. pull downs 60, 70, 80,90. 100lbs

-         2. Multi position situps in sets of 10

-         3. Bench 45, 45 ( I am assuming this was dumbbell bench as I only did 2 sets and that would have been enough of a stimulus )

-         4. Ham curls = 60, 70lbs ( on machine)  

-         When I came back to the hotel from working out Charlie was talking to David Barnes of News of the World.

-         ( this was an interview paid and we were able to set it up at the same time CF and I were in Detroit. It allowed us to survive for a while. )

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