A historic interview with Master Coach Charlie Francis


In February of 1988 Angela Coon had been a local high school track star hoping to improve her speed as a University student. Francis was one of the best coaches in Canada and the world. Their paths crossed at the Canadian National Indoor Track and Field Championships in Coon’s hometown of Windsor where she had been volunteering for event. Coon and Francis united over their passion and love of sport. While Coon was still a student Francis had retired as an athlete who once was ranked 5th in the world for the 100m, reached the highest achievement of his career as a celebrated National coach, Coach of the men’s 100m world champion and then within moments of their partnership their universe would be flipped upside down due to the most politically charged scandal in Olympic Track and Field history. Checkout Speed Trap e-book

More than a decade later (~ January 2000) their combined successes took form as an online business The Charlie Francis Training System and Charlie Francis Community Forum.

Francis fostered a speed and power-coaching forum, which has been fully archived both online and here CF 2002 Forum Review e-book the site remains uncompromised by advertising and there is no comparison with any content of its kind, in quality or volume.  Coon initiated and managed their businesses and their partnership has continued through an online experience, educating and mentoring coaches and athletes across the globe.

Historically, Coon and Francis believed sharing the stories that shaped their 22-year partnership would educate and guide coaches and athletes. In May of 2010 Francis lost his 5-year illness with NHL leaving behind more than10 thousand unique forum posts. Coon has been committed to maintaining the extensive content and website. Lately Coon has been enjoying writing her blog on topics including how best to warm up for speed training, how to actively regenerate the CNS for quality speed training for all sports as well as sharing recipes she finds nutritious and delicious.  Coon is passionate about researching and sharing her experiences as one of Canada’s national team members in the 100meter hurdles. Coon likes the idea of utilizing performance and wellness as tools to change and improve quality of life for any person.
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The websites store has e-books and real time videos, to guide and educate coaches, athletes, parents around the world no matter what level of sport they are in. The content has been valued by multitudes of participants and clients from grade school to Olympic Track and Field to the NFL , NBA, NHL and all levels in-between for any sports requiring speed and power.

Shown here is a rare and insightful interview done by editor David J. Stubbs from Champion magazine in 1987 titled “The Fast Times of Charlie Francis”.  Coach Charlie Francis  is seen the middle with world record holders Ben Johnson and Angella Issajenko.
Take some time and explore the interview written in English and French as Stubbs says “ Charlie Francis somehow manages to do a marvellous impersonation of “The Invisible Man”.

About Coach Ange Coon
Coon continues to reside in Toronto, Canada in the family home she and Francis raised their 18 years old son James in. Coon enjoys spending time laughing with her son, walking her 3-year-old French Bulldog Winston as well as coaching track and field with a talented and enthusiastic group of teenagers at a local inner city high school.  Coon’s history includes personal training, nutritional consulting, business owner and operator for more than 25 years as well as developing products for www.charliefrancis com and managing the website for the past 7 years.  Studying practical methods of active regeneration as well as methods of implementing micro nutrients for gut health to fortify one’s own constitution against stressors of all kinds will continue to engage Coon’s time and interest for the near and extended future.


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