began with an idea for an open discussion between likeminded people interested in elite speed and sprint training. Former 100 meter sprinter, Olympian and Graduate of Stanford University, Master Coach Charlie Francis set out to tell his own story online in January of 2000 as a result of the world at large not understanding his true coaching talent and techniques (for detailed information see the eBook Speed Trap by Charlie Francis .

Francis was insistent in providing a place (now the Charlie Francis Archives Forum) for people to discuss the results he spent his life accomplishing. Francis insisted a forum for sharing ideas would be provided free of charge to allow anyone to participate. This decade long discussion, which ended up encompassing more than 1 million posts with over 10,000 from Coach Francis alone, has launched the careers of many interested sprinters, coaches and students who all had one thing in common – the desire to run fast. is owned and operated by former Canadian national team member and 100 meter hurdler, Angela Coon.