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Sprint diagrams by Coach Charlie Francis

Coach Charlie Francis' explosive medicine ball drills and some typical 100m hurdle speed workouts for athlete Angela Coon ~ mid 1990's.

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Medicine ball work for speed training and sprinting

Speed training and sprint training and extensive and intensive yet low intensity medicine ball workout. Coach Charlie Francis with comments by Coach Angela Coon

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Speed Training, Sprinting, how to improve your speed? World + Olympic records resulted from this content

Hello and thank you for your interest in CharlieFrancis.com,

I'm grateful for your interest and curious about what exactly you need and what you might be looking for.  

Congratulations to you for finding the best speed training content anywhere. We do not and have not ever advertised. I don't pay anyone to write articles. We've been online for almost 20 years and Charlie's influence in the world of speed training has been legendary. 

It's rewarding to hear your notes and comments and thank you for your kind words and support. It means and has meant a great deal to myself and my family. 

Track and field has been decades ahead of the knowledge of speed training for team sports. It will soon be 2020, and former students of our forums and fellow passionate consumers all across the globe, coach, teach and share what they have learned here, with fantastic, ongoing results. Some of the sports include; soccer, hockey, basketball, cycling, football, speed skating to name a few. 

If you are reading my blog you care and have passion for speed training. 

My best advice for you is understand the story, it's essential in my opinion. It allows you to understand details and context of the history and there is extensive history with this information you don't want to ignore.  Then look deeper into the lectures when you are ready. Once you have digested the easiest content experiment for yourself with what you have learned. 

I've posted some content of Charlie's work on Facebook. If you like it let me know.  Thank you in advance. 

A final thought is to enjoy the process of learning and experimenting as an athlete and coach.

"Sprint your own life"

Coach Angela Coon 



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