Ange's Tuna Salad with a Punch

Eating for Speed, Ange’s Tuna Salad with a Punch

Do you have the ability to make great tasting and super nutritious meals for yourself and or others you care about?

It’s not as hard as you think and it just might be one of the best skills you can acquire that effects your short and longer term health and wellness.

As an athlete, acquiring this skill becomes an important tool in your performance to run fast , train harder and influence the outcome of your competitive life no matter the sport.  

If you are a coach you need to teach your athlete’s the importance of eating well and eating to win.

And for parents eating well is an absolute necessity as you are the primary caregivers who will teach by example to your children as well as teaching them how to make the best possible food choices.

I have included one of my favorite recipes that I have made often and enjoyed over and over again and one of the best parts of this recipe is it’s very high in protein, It contains healthy fats you need daily, the carrot adds fiber and texture you don’t expect from tuna salad and it’s absolutely delicious I hope you love it as much as I have.

And here it is....


                         Ange’s Tuna Salad for 2

  1. 2 cans solid tuna packed in water
  1. Juice of half fresh squeezed lemon (this is the PUNCH I was talking about. I love lemon juice especially when it’s fresh squeezed.
  1. 2 medium carrots grated    
  1. Half apple, peeled and grated (try Royal Gala or Honey Crisp are two varieties I like as they are sweet).
  1. Finely chopped celery
  1. 2 to 3 Tbsp of mayo

Mix together, eat alone or below you might add some servn

Serving Options

  • I love to eat this salad with rice crackers
  • A plain spinach salad with any vinegar and olive oil also works well
  • I’ve also enjoyed this tuna on top of plain rice, or a brown basmati rice
  • Pasta is an excellent addition especially when it’s cooked al dente
  • Try it with a baked potato

Storing left over Tuna Salad

The fresh lemon helps to keep the tuna preserved. I try to store food in glass bowls. I then I use a fork to press down the left over tuna and lay a piece of wax paper or saran food wrap on top of tuna salad. I then take another piece of food wrap and put another air tight seal to stop further air spoilage. Store in the fridge for a two or three days. Enjoy!

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Delicious! I’m taking it on our 5 hour hike today in the mountains<3

Lori Coon

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