Thoughts about the 2014 Canadian Speed and Power Conference in Toronto

Within the conference I attended a talk by one of the presenters on Friday night and Saturday late afternoon a round table discussion when all three presenters where in attendance.  I did not spend my entire weekend at this conference.  I did enjoy seeing 115 eager coaches, young and old, parents, trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and customers from . The event took place in Mississauga near downtown Toronto November 14th to the 16th.

I sensed the hunger for knowledge and learning in the room and it was refreshing. From some of the questions asked, it was evident that coaches rely on conferences like this to learn, connect, share and clarify ideas.   It’s an important process in which more experienced coaches and presenters make themselves available to a wider audience.

The history of this site has drawn from many great coaches, teachers and athletes who have been willing to share what they think or what they have accomplished.  An ongoing discussion is needed to explain how coaches use their methods and explain why they feel they have been successful or not.

One of The best parts of the weekend for me was an informal dinner organized by a few of the members at  I enjoyed meeting these young coaches who are making a difference at the college and university level.

Just one thing more I wanted to mention from the time I spent at this well-organized conference.

One of the coaches mentioned how useless rollers are and everyone in the room laughed.

Here is small check list for therapy.

  1. Take advantage of any kind of therapy you have including rolling. First look for what you can do for yourself because self-reliance will bring the best long term results until you are a superstar;)


  1. Always weigh out the cost/ benefit to getting therapy. If you have to travel 0ne hour on the bus to receive therapy or you could do routine Epson salt baths and get off your feet maybe it’s best to stay home.


  1. There is nothing wrong with free therapy that is simple and easy to administer. For lower limb issues such as problems with your calves or feet, get 2 empty pails , fill with ice water to get inflammation down. Use on pail for hot and one for cold and do quick contrast baths.


  1. Water heals and treats the body systemically.


  1. A little bit of something performed routinely is far more beneficial that something done bigger and less often. Partner massages for 10 minutes a day works better than one hour massages done 1 x per month. Focus on most important body parts first ( hamstrings and glutes for sprinters)


I really like this product . It’s compact, won’t compress as it uses pvc pipe and it includes excellent educational information with the purchase.



Today I will publish the work of one such coach who not only attended the conference but whom I have had the opportunity and pleasure to get to know over the past 4. 5 years. Roger is a young volunteer coach , teacher , husband and father of 2 soon to be 3. Roger works hard at his role as a coach and spends a great deal of time towards learning new information.

Take care of yourself,



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