The BIG WORKOUT January 15 2015

THE BIG WORKOUT                                                                                                     

It’s seldom about the Big Workout. 

In high school I equated puking during the Big Workout a sign of great accomplishment.

While I was flushing my insides out, onto the hot sand where we ran the hills, I wondered if my competitors were running high quality speed work with full recovery and getting faster.

Maybe not.

Hills don’t have to be “puke producing”. I’ve run lots of hills in the fall and in the spring and never puked.

Without question, proper hill  training makes a person faster.

I’ve run very high quality short and long hills with proper recovery that did not make me sick.

Working hard or having the Big Workout can make you feel sick at times but if that is happening often there is something wrong.

By definition, the work contained inside “the Big Workout“ should be progressively more in volume and intensity.

This does not mean you progress those volume and intensity variables daily. All variables of training need to be adjusted over time. Lots of time. Over weeks and months that is based on a bigger plan.

But I guess people still love  to talk and also brag about their The Big Workout.

Not too many people show up at training and talk about the Big Sleep.

Or the Big Nutritious Meal.

Or the Big Regenerative Session

There is a lot to learn about how to have an effective and responsible and valuable Big Work. Mean time..Let me know if you have any questions.


( Lately , what are my big workouts?  Well as a approach a half a decade , I continue to love to train. The effective, responsible and valuable ( to me) Big workout… = Well , my soon to be 16 year old son would say… that’s so boring mom. 1. I run intervals with my new French Bull dogs 2. I do as much medball ball work as I can . For me med ball is low intensity as ive been doing it for lots of years 3. I do what ever I can , when I can and how I can and the Big Workout for me is really a lot more about the Big Sleep ( and all the benefits that go with it, The Big Regenerative Sessions ( Healing is Critical), and staying able to run until I die and be strong and LOVE LIFE.



OH, one more thing. I am starting something new. If you have a story about this site, a story you want to share with me.... If you are a coach, A parent , an athlete and you are looking for advice or help. ? Send me your note. Send me your story. I’d like to hear it . I am inspired by all of you and maybe I am able to help you. 

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Hi Ange
i purchase a isorobic Exerciser rope that was discuss by Mr Charlie in his book .Can i use this device for sprinting resistance instead of the hills



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