The Small Workout January 26th 2015

The Small Workout                                                          

Is there such a thing as a small workout?

Yes. Most certainly.

The big workouts play a role. The small workouts play a role. The habits in between all count.

I see this often in my clients and in my life and when people at parties want the secret to how to train.

The general idea is you need to learn as much as you can, experiment with your coach and fellow training partners and apply what you know for sure first and don’t give up.

I have made so many mistakes in my training and I had expert advice and a well-rounded, athletic background long before the expert advice.

Here is some quick but very important advice that was taught to me by the best =

  1. Keep a journal. It’s very important.


  1. Listen to others but DON’T ACT on what they say until you think it through.


  1. Read and study what makes you enjoy what you are spending a great deal of time doing. If you are a high level athlete or want to be one then your entire life revolves around your sport.

Lifelong fitness and lifelong enjoyment of staying healthy and mobile requires change which brings a constant need for you to adapt. The more you understand what works for you now, the better you are equipped moving forward in your life. This idea provides an investment into you but also into the ones you love.

The small workout could be a set of depletion push-ups.

 It could also be a set of multi position sit up circuits (see Project Jane sold here at

 Maybe it’s a full and complete warm up and nothing else.

I have seen the best athletes in the world show up to train hard, asked how they felt by their coach and then given the day off so they could rest that day because they did not feel ready to train.

Maybe you are not the fastest man or woman in the world. Maybe you just want to excel in the training you are already doing. The principles are all the same.

Remember: It’s not all about THE BIG WORKOUT and it’s not all about the Small Workout … but both matter and count. Balancing each type of workout and learning when to apply each will bring you long term, sustainable success and health. You might even be able to run really fast in the process.

take care of yourself,


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Very good advice. Especially for high school athlete and beyond.Good life style advice.



I have been wondering this for some time. How are depletion push-ups performed?

Jason Mensinger

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