More is not Better

" Remember that your drills must always be improving in quality, so you must make sure that you are recovered for each new workout. If your workout deteriorates, stop the workout! "  ( coach charlie francis 1948 - 2010) 

For Sprinters more is not better.

For Distance Runners, more might be better within the confines of a proper training program, but sprinters are unique athletes. 

Elite, sprint athletes, especially the world’s fastest men and women, will tell you it’s more about the quality of work. Specifically, for high quality speed work where you are able to execute proper form that strengthens the muscles, you need to sprint and maintain your speed. First you need to be fast. Then you need to be fast longer than everyone else.

It’s not really that simple but if most of you reading this understood how critical getting into the ideal mechanical position really was… Once you have felt this physiological bliss, you will crave for more.

For almost 2 decades people have written into trying to unlock the secrets of how to get fast. The basic principles of rest and recovery and respecting high intensity work as the main driver of success needs to be a priority.  However, if you take nothing else from the vast information available to you at there is nothing more important than balancing high intensity work with appropriate rest and recovery. 

I hope this website has helped you the way I know it has helped so many others.


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Great article more may not be better,was watching a documentary about kenyan runners was shock at some of their training sessions with egnon coglham hope i spelled his name right, but this is true

Thank u this helps really, i ve coach with so many trach coaches who believe more is better. I coach on a team now the coaches believe this. I was given thee not so talented track athletes on the team they now r the champs on the team and now the other track coache want to train them and find out what i ,m doing,i have suggested ur website thank u coach mann trackdallas

Anthony Mann

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