Track and Field stages of Growth and Development According to Age Chart


I wanted to share this chart ( Copyright 2015 )  with a wider audience outside of some of the information dense lectures Coach Charlie Francis presented.

This chart is interesting because in one glance you can learn a great deal regarding the volume and intensity guidelines for the development cycle of any person wanting to experience or prepare for sport or specifically, track and field.  Track is said to be one of the development sports for acquiring the skills of speed and strength.  Swimming is another development sport facilitating the skill of endurance. Gymnastics is the third sport used to develop a persons  speed, strength and flexibility. ( See " Theory and Methodology of Training " by Tudor Bompa 1983, ISBN number 0-8403-6015-0 / as well as " From Childhood to Champion Athlete " Bompa 1995, ISBN number 0-9697557-1-6) 

I started this blog wanting to write about coaching young children. I get many questions from parents asking about how to make their child and or athlete faster.  It would be an incomplete discussion unless I was able to share this information rich, chart. I have found parents and coaches commonly over prescribe work volume, intensity and have limited understanding on what exercises are best for which ages.

It has been my understanding that Charlie spoke to Tudor and was consulting him when he was creating this chart. Not only has Tudor  been one of the best coaches in the world and he has also been our friend for several years. 

As a side note = My first complete weight training program was penned by Tudor. Charlie was always modifying the paper copy according to my routine speed improvements. Having both Charlie and Tudor in the weight room for my training was not so bad for my confidence starting out. 

I hope you find some interesting content here. 

Take care of yourself ,


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I’m sharing your second paragraph. Fantastic.

Scott Umberger

Having this overview of progression, of lifetime development of a track athlete, is incredibly valuable. After learning so many tactics, this is the first hint of a detailed system of building up athletes in the long-term that I’ve seen.


if I had to pay you a dollar every time I referred to this chart, you would quit pleased.

Coaches and parents need to seriously understand the information on this chart in order to maximize development.


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