9.79* A TIFF Documentary


9.79* by Daniel Gordon – A documentary @ TIFF ( Toronto International Film Festival)  Opening Premiere  September 8th, 2012

  •  How Daniel Gordon’s Documentary took a shot at changing some feelings I have had about the last 25 years of my life and he didn’t even know it.
 Gordon didn’t really change my feelings about a story I am more intimately attached to than most. What he did do was a brilliant job sharing a story that sport fans across the globe will love hearing about.

  •  When I first came across this documentary it was during the 2012 Olympics and the 55 minute BBC version was like a bad accident,
 I didn’t want to look but all of sudden my headphones were on and I was  turning up the volume and adjusting my headset .  The topic of my late husband’s work drew me to view this film but once the music set in and I realized  a significant story was going to be told . Fast forward to the evening Premiere of 9.79* and unknowingly at a few different moments in the movie, I fell apart. Maybe this is why I  could not read  “ Speed Trap”,  book for 10 years after it was written? 
  •  Did Gordon change the how I felt about the unjust treatment  Francis faced throughout his 22 year career post Seoul ?
 No, Gordon can’t change how I feel about something so personal to my life. However, Gordon understood what Francis knew which was re instatement was secondary to more important issues… His film brought to life the stories of 8 people who ran in Seoul, the coaches and managers and a few others central to the story.   He did so by allowing the key players to say in their own words what happened Sept. 24 1988. Charlie would have applauded Gordon’s work without question. 
  • What did I think of 9.79* The Documentary?
 Daniel Gordon did an excellent job sharing information on a larger scale that I have understood too well over the past 25 years. I think his documentary allows others  to question what  really happened. 

Thank you to the people who sponsored the making of this film. It seems odd for me to watch something I really had nothing to do with but yet it has been the backdrop to most of my adult life. 
I hope anyone reading this has the fortune to enjoy the Canadian TSN showing October 9th, 2012. 

Best in sport,

Angela Coon

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Hi Ange, I’m looking very forward to seeing the documetary 9.79 on TSN. It sounds like this point of view has been a long time coming!!!

Daniel LaJoie

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