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I recently had someone ask  the question on the site  "  Who has the complete speed training? " 
I used to wonder the same thing  even though I spent more than 20 years married to arguably one of the most successful coaches in the world in track and field. 
I thought I  needed a group to train with ( sure it would have been nice)  I needed to run in Europe ( certainly competition there had more depth)  I always felt I needed something different to achieve the " complete" speed training. 
I used to feel this way about many things not just my training. This thought was reinforced by others who confused want and need.
I needed my child's nutrition to be complete. " Eat your  carrots " and your nutrition will be complete.
When my husband was ill , I figured the complete nutritional over haul would heal him. I made vegetable juice for him  expecting him to like it. 
I felt my  nutritional ideas were the answer. 
I was criticized by some for not following their idea of the complete nutritional plan. 
Is anything in our life complete ? 
Yes, I think without any question there are many things in our lives that are complete. 
We are living in a time where information about how to do things is easily and affordable and available. 
What I think might be missing is some thoughtfulness about sticking to a plan, having old fashion faith, valuing effort and hard work over an instant result and putting some test to time despite most of us lacking spare time to ponder and reminisce and dream. 
I never really cared about history class in high school but what I have learned from this subject since is to enjoy the idea of " complete anything"  takes passion which drives the process of success.. Everyone wants success but it is the in between stuff not too many these days care enough about. 
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The pursuit of excellence in amateur athletics can be a seemingly thankless journey at times.
The great news in my mind has been how the life lessons translate into living well.
In my view, this is worth the pursuit of any dream.
I appreciate your feedback.


Thanks for your comments Zach.


Ange, glad my initial request garnered further thoughts on your part and mine too. Couldn’t agree more with your blog posting and glad for the tap to get my awareness back to what is already available to me and countless others.


Ange, WOW, I see this and hear ya loud and clear, as a Strength Coach

This reminds me of the “acres of diamonds” story

Athletes are looking everywhere else for more and more fancy training methods rather than going FULL blown w/what lies in their own back yard

You are spot on!

zach even - esh

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