Debates in Training are Good


Debates in Training are good... even if most sprinters on this site understand the debate between using a front squat over a back squat is moot.
Was debating the reason this site was created?
The site was created as a response to the world banning a coach. There was no debate there. Charlie was never re en-stated as a coach.
The site exists because it gave it’s creator Charles Merrick Francis a place to talk to the world about who he was, what he did and why he did what he did as a coach. 
At the time there really was not too much of a plan for the site.
Selling Charlie’s two books was an obvious idea pushed by a few friends for years before the site got started.
It was a gathering of a few like minded friends  and the next thing you know you have a group that is growing. The forum has always been the body and soul of this site. 
The debates followed and 2.5 years after Charlie has been gone people continue to come to this place one by one to check out over One million posts about how to be a sprinter.  Ten Thousand post about how to run fast are from Charlie.. Several thousand more posts have been added by some pretty cool people that have been around for ten plus years. I personally thank each of them for helping me out in this difficult time.
So debates are good even the ones about Front Squats vs Back Squats in Sprinting.

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My hope has been to keep a lively record of information that has positively altered multiples of people with regards to how they think or if they think about the training process.
Is there a right and wrong way to train?
I think most of us at the highest level and all levels leading up to that point agree… Openly discussing common mistakes with training feeds knowledge for those interesting in the most effective way to training long term in and out of sport.
Thank-you for your comments.


As you say in a former blog entry, “everything is possible”. But everytime we step on the track or the gym, we have to make one decision, and the right one in order to continue our preparation towards the goal we set. Those decisions are helped in first place by debates and CF forum has been used by so many coaches and athletes for a decade +!!


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