Three General Guidelines to Training


I get a lot of questions about training from clients and customers and friends. I get questions from mom's about their kids training and I get questions from girlfriends who used to be very active. Now some of these people are less active because of having kids and how life gets busy and then training gets buried into their schedules as a low or a non existent priority.
With this in mind maybe these Three General Guidelines to Training might  jump start you into a new workout or help you improve training you might already be doing. 
Number 1.
Do something you can repeat each weekly cycle. For example = Everyone wants to go for the big workout day one with zero thought about day 2,3 4 on. Hey, I am not being critical. The Bootcamp business model thrives on this idea.  It's not anyone's fault. you just don't know different or better ( yet ) How about you try to do what I tell people all the time.  Set yourself up to succeed. Test yourself. Start with a 20 minute maximum routine and see if are able to repeat it  every other day for 7 to 10 days. Your next test is to  keep that same workout exactly the same and repeat if for one more cycle ( try and repeat another 7 to 10 day trail of 20 minute workouts ) . If you can do that then experiment to add 5 to 10 more minutes on the 20 minute workout. ( one common mistake I see all the time =  No one wants to skip a day inbetween. Why ? =  because more is better. ( it's our North American culture imbedded that more is better)  Trust me. More is more. More is not always better. Stick to the plan of this Number 1 and you will do fine. )  
Number 2 
You need to find the kind of exercise that works for you. This took me a long time to learn post athletic career. I am one of the lucky ones. I love exercising because it makes me feel better than I did if I don't exercise. I even think it acts like medicine for some but that is for another blog. Walking for exercise might sound dull or riding your bike might seem too easy  but both forms of exercise are repeatable and sustainable and they are relatively safe. One tip =  injuries happen to everyone.  when they happen they pull people off track. Having babies, starting new jobs or something accidental while enjoying a weekend activity... Then what? Stick to Number 1 and work on Number 2. No excuses =  you can do a ton of exercises in your basement , bedroom ( no comments from the cheap seats please) or your living room. Get down and give me  3 sets of 5 push ups and 10 sit-ups  ( switch the order and number around/ woman do more sit ups / men do more pushups generally) and you pick one other exercise and repeat it 3 x a week. Ya, I know. Most of you reading this are saying that is not enough. Ok. do it and tell me different and what worked for you then. 
Number 3.
Regarding the silly numbers I just recommended someone do for push-ups and sit ups in my last general principle? Well,  10 situps and 5 push ups? Really? 3 sets? That's it? Yeah, well I have seen people who could not really sustain that but so what. Work with what you have and grow it from there. Small progression over time needs to happen. It has been called Progression of load. Load could be a bunch of things . Load could be progressively add some time onto the workout.Load could also be progressively adding one more or two more to a set. Here is the thing. Most people progressively load too FAST. 
Whoops ONE more and its kinda important but I am not adding in because three things is enough to remember. I could give you 10 general principle but 3 is enough right now.  Just remember this last thing =  PLAN TO REST, SLEEP MORE, SLEEP BETTER, ACTIVELY PURSUE THE IDEA THAT IF YOU TRAIN or WORKOUT  or  ARE TRYING TO DO SOME KIND OF PERFORMANCE .... you can't just keep adding more work to your day or more exercise as without restoring your energy pool , naturally revitalizing you energy capabilities and giving yourself a chance to re-boot. 
I know lots of people want  recipe workouts and training . Just try to keep in mind these 3 Easy to follow General Principles of Training   and  my  hope is some of these ideas help you get going.  Moving  makes us feel better and when we feel better we laugh more , love more and enjoy more.
I hope it is going well for you.
I wish you my best in the journey. 
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