Speed and Sprint Drills


Speed and Sprint Drills

I came across this video the other day and thought it was pretty cool.


The author is doing some interesting athletic moves in this video. Even though he is not a sprinter he recognizes training as a sprinter will also give him the tools to jump further and higher.

 I loved watching what he was capable of doing.

I also liked how he was able to understand the value of a speed and sprint drill  from reading “ Speed Trap”. I have done this drill countless times and taught many people of all ages how to use this drill to get faster.

What makes this drill unique is it teaches a person how to run fast in the easiest possible way for the coach and athlete.  This is because SPRINTING IS A HIND BRAIN ACTIVITY.

While the author clearly understands a great deal about the value of this drill it’s not always clear to people that because sprinting is a hind brain activity  NOT THINKING is critical in the learning process. Alternatively too often coaches try to force instructions which can paralyze the person trying to learn the basics  of sprinting .

Very little instruction is another reason teaching this particular speed and sprint drill is so effective.

Here is a link that gives you a little bit more information about understanding this idea behind what coach Charlie Francis talks about sprinting as a  hind brain activity.


My only other comment is if you are doing this drill to develop speed to not run or train on sand.  You are trying to practice proper foot contact to the ground and if the surface is too soft the idea of this drill becomes counterproductive for sprinting, speed and acceleration and reaction time.

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