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One of the reasons I have made a commitment to www.charliefrancis.com was my belief that building more knowledgeable coaches will always be a worthwhile goal.


Here is a recent letter I received which I wanted to share.

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Enjoy, best, Angé

Hey Coach,

I'm the Strength Coach at “X” High School in “A Place” in Nebraska.  Yes ma'am, I have both Speed Trap and CFT Manual.  I'm 53 years old and I've been a Strength Coach for 30 years, mostly part-time but the last two years I've been the full time Head Strength Coach for all sports.  I've experimented and researched everything I can get my hands on but Coach Francis's work speaks for its-self and I would like to understand his philosophy and methodology on a deeper level.  I don't Coach any other sports, I'm solely responsible for the weight training but I would like to start implemented speed work, change of direction, med balls and plyos to ensure a more balanced athlete. 

Thank you for your time,

 “Signed self proclaimed fan of charliefrancis.com material”

Physical Education Teacher
“X” High School
Head Strength Coach


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