Weight lifting exercises for speed training

Weight lifting exercises for speed training

The speed training world is filled with vast discussions regarding the best exercises to perform for the improvement of a person's sprinting abilities.

Shown below is a list of weight lifting exercises Charlie and I used for my training to make the National team in the 100mh. We also used these lifts to coach and train professional athletes from the National Football League (NFL) and National Hockey League (NHL) as well as amateur athletes of all ages and levels in college and university. A more thoughtful approach of strength training was used when dealing with athletes who have not yet fully matured. 


In addition to lifting weights, first I performed extensive amounts of beginner weight medicine ball exercises (initially for approximately 2 years I used a 2kg ball for most drills and exercises) . Over time the weight of the medicine ball was heavier and drills were more complex. Many of these drills and exercises are documented throughout the material on this website and especially inside the video of the General Preparation Period for all sports of GPP.

While lifting weights was an important aspect of how I trained with Charlie and how he taught me to coach others, an emphasis was made on practicing speed as our first priority.

If you are able to run fast in practice, do so as technically perfect as possible. You will achieve this by following the protocols I've listed in previous blogs. For the most comprehensive list on protocols of how to best prepare to sprint your max effort when performing speed, reference the "The Charlie Francis Training System". This manual is a clear window into the methods we used.

"Sprint your own life"

Coach Angé


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