Lactic Acid Tolerance Training e-book (For the 400m)


 Lactic Acid Tolerance Training (For the 400m)

This e-book is a collection of almost 7 year's worth of discussion from within the forums of the website about speed endurance training, (Lactic Acid Tolerance Training) especially as it relates to 400m running. This discussion took place between some of the best sprint training coaches from around the world, beginning in 2004.  The eBook is a tremendous wealth of information including many posts from coach Charlie Francis. What makes this one of the best discussions of Lactic Acid Tolerance Training anywhere in print is the open back and forth discussions between Charlie Francis and the coaches who have followed his work for decades.  Also included is the discussion of methods used by elite athletes from the Soviet and East German era. This e-book is a one of a kind reference piece for any serious athlete and coach whether they are training for the 400m or any other sport where speed endurance is necessary such as hockey, football, soccer/ football or rugby. Athletes whose bodies can adapt to performing with lactic acidosis and who can tolerate the pain of acidosis can perform better for longer.