About us

Master Coach Charlie Francis and Coach Angela Coon created CharlieFrancis.com to share the Canadian best-selling book “Speed Trap” by Charlie Francis with Jeff Coplon.

The forum at CharlieFrancis.com (Charlie Francis Archives) has continued to offer an open discussion about how to train, coach, be a competitive athlete and how to develop the skill of sprinting. The information within these forums, lectures, videos, and the extensive e-book collection, provides unparalleled content based on real life results.  Francis once ranked 5th in the world as a 100m sprinter, eventually started coaching and developed a grassroots speed training program. His successes led to multiple Canadian National Champions, Olympic medals, a 100m World Champion, a 100m Olympic Champion and many more World record titles. (See the partial list here)

Francis was insistent the forums be accessible for all with over 10 million posts plus to date and over 10k from Coach Francis alone.

Francis and Coon organized educational material based on Coach Francis’s life’s work so it would be available HERE. This material has also been used by Coon and Francis to mentor, guide, share and  advise fellow coaches, athletes, parents and educators across the globe.

CharlieFrancis.com continues to be a place supporting athletes, coaches and parents who each share the passion and  the desire to run faster.