What is Talent?

November 02, 2012 by Angela Coon


What is talent?

The dictionary says "  it’s a natural aptitude or skill " . 

 If a person has enough love and passion, might talent be developed with skill training? 

 I think there is no question about the development of aptitude and skill when driven by desire and or encouragement.

I have noticed that no one talks too much about honing personal characteristics that might direct each of us towards something we are good at. 

Mostly I hear parents, coaches and people speaking about who has talent and who doesn't. It sounds so deterministic in my view. 

Shouldn't we spend more time trying to maximize positive traits we are born with? 

Without question some people are born with loads of talent and others go un noticed. Maybe as adults we need more skill in positive thinking so we can encourage and foster traits which will keep doors open for people and minimize the doors that close so society as a whole gets better?  

Nancy Huneau was one of my first coaches. I thought of her as my teacher first but what I remember most was her saying .. “ You can do it Ange… Wow that was great!....Try it again .. I know you can get it this time”.  I am certain Mrs. Huneau was not a certified level national coach. It was my understanding  that she was not on a national team.  I am not saying her knowledge and experience were not important but my early development was sparked by  Mrs. Huneau believing in me. This was a  gift that has lasted me a lifetime. 

AS adults we need  to support our children in any way we can. As people we need to support each other as well because it is  never too late to foster our own talents.  Children have innate energy  and passion and with our encouragement they will find their way. 

I would like to dedicate this blog to some of the wonderful coaches in my life.

Tom Mori and Mrs Dean who first coached me gymnastics at Puce Public School near Belle River Ontario. Tom remains a personal friend.  I remember Mrs Dean as a dynamo woman who volunteered at our school. 

Nancy Huneau who seemed to have more energy than 10 people combined. 

My grade 9 french teacher who asked me to try the hurdles as I might be good at it. 

Gord and Maggie Magee. A husband and wife team who dedicated a great deal of their time to a bunch of keen girls in the Windsor YMCA " Opti Y" gymnastics club.  

Bob Munroe who was my highschool teacher who once told me  “ Ange, never stop running ". 

Andrea Page  An energetic woman who took myself and a few other young girls under her wing to share what she had learned as an aspiring National team hurdler. 

Charlie Francis My late husband who’s true genius might have been in believing anything was possible. 

Nancy Huneau and Ange June 1980 University of Winsdor Ontario Track and Field Center
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Complete Speed Training

October 21, 2012 by Angela Coon


I recently had someone ask  the question on the site  "  Who has the complete speed training? " 
I used to wonder the same thing  even though I spent more than 20 years married to arguably one of the most successful coaches in the world in track and field. 
I thought I  needed a group to train with ( sure it would have been nice)  I needed to run in Europe ( certainly competition there had more depth)  I always felt I needed something different to achieve the " complete" speed training. 
I used to feel this way about many things not just my training. This thought was reinforced by others who confused want and need.
I needed my child's nutrition to be complete. " Eat your  carrots " and your nutrition will be complete.
When my husband was ill , I figured the complete nutritional over haul would heal him. I made vegetable juice for him  expecting him to like it. 
I felt my  nutritional ideas were the answer. 
I was criticized by some for not following their idea of the complete nutritional plan. 
Is anything in our life complete ? 
Yes, I think without any question there are many things in our lives that are complete. 
We are living in a time where information about how to do things is easily and affordable and available. 
What I think might be missing is some thoughtfulness about sticking to a plan, having old fashion faith, valuing effort and hard work over an instant result and putting some test to time despite most of us lacking spare time to ponder and reminisce and dream. 
I never really cared about history class in high school but what I have learned from this subject since is to enjoy the idea of " complete anything"  takes passion which drives the process of success.. Everyone wants success but it is the in between stuff not too many these days care enough about. 
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