Weights for Speed Bundle - CF Lecture Series


Weights for Speed Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Three individual  downloads by Coach Charlie Francis lecturing while using a white board (  classroom style ) to illustrate the details of incorporating weights into the general and to the  specific phases of a training program.  Coach Francis shares his thoughts about why prioritizing speed ( over weights )  will result into the most effective , short and long term results for sprinting.    

Weights for Speed Part 1 

Weights for Speed  Part 1 is a download that covers the differences between a General and a Specific weight lifting program. Coach Charlie Francis lectures using a white board about why a General Weights Plan is complimentary for speed training.( not just for the 100 meters but any sport with an emphasis on speed ).

Weights for Speed Part 2

Weights for Speed Part 2 
shifts from the more fundamental and crucial analysis of program explanations of lecture one, and brings more detailed applications of different types of weight training, for different types of levels. It is important to grasp the concepts of Weights for Speed Part 1, to fully understand the applications of Weights for Speed Part 2. 

Weights for Speed Part 3

In the Final Weights for Speed Part 3, Coach Charlie Francis covers specifics on pulling  together his ideas on weights and speed.  Additional discussion is included  before the conclusion of this lecture series.