CF 2009 Forum Review ( Elite Sprinting)


The 2009 Forum Review in e-book format.

The Forum Reviews of 2002 and 2009 are collections of edited posts created and supervised by Olympian and Coach Charlie Francis. Francis once ranked 5th in the world in the men's 100yd was a Canadian 100 meter Olympic team member in 1972 and one of the leading speed coaches in the world before his death in 2010.  Charles M. Francis was a thoughtful coach using methods collected by his mentors and innovating a system called Vertical Integration. Coach Francis producing a large collection of world class sprinters who's accomplishments include countless Canadian, Commonwealth and world records in Athletics. 

See Tony Sharpe, Ben Johnson, Angella Taylor Issajenko, Cheryl Thibideau, Tracy Smith, Mark McKoy, Molly Killingbeck, Colene Taff, Desai Williams.