Presents "The Classics"


 The Classics E- book is discussion material with 242 pages of  some of's  best content ever.

The e-book "The Classics" (PDF form)  is edited material from the first years after launching the forum in 2000. The information in this book is fantastic,  easy to read and enjoyable. There are some amazing ideas presented in the Classics with wisdom and technical tools to improve speed and power for all sports.

Review: The Classics E-Book

I have been a member of the forum since the beginning . If you were not on the site then it may be hard to understand the nostalgic feelings some people have had about 

There is a breadth of topics covered in this ebook. It may take some time for a person to digest the subject matter and apply the principles into their training. The time spent would be well worth it. 

Topics covered include acceleration, nutrition and supplementation. The importance of relative and absolute strength are addressed along with the key technical features of sprinting (e.g., triple extension and hip height).

The posts and responses on recovery techniques are illuminating as most of them are cost effective and easy to implement. The area of recovery and regeneration is often overlooked by both coaches and athletes but this book helps you understand why as an athlete or coach that implementing routine recovery makes as much sense as training. 
The posts on HSI (Drummond, Greene, Boldon, Miller, etc) and Greek Sprint Training (Kederis, Thannou) are great to see what caused these groups to be so prolific.

Before Lactate Threshold Training become the hottest thread ever (which really should be turned into its own ebook) there was Energy Envelope and Organism Strength. I’ve read through this thread several times in the last 6 yrs. All I can say is STUDY IT. ( SEE THE LACTATE THRESHOLD E BOOK FOR SALE NOW IN OUR STORE)

..... The Classics checks out at over 240 pages for anyone who is new to the forum it’s a must have. For those old school it will bring back some good memories and remind you of why the forum you joined in the first place.

Requires Adobe E-Book reader.