Fundamental Guidelines for Building a Champion Sprinter (Key Concepts Book 7)


This book was written by Coach Charlie Francis in 2008 to highlight the key concept of Fundamental Guidelines for Building a Champion Sprinter or more specifically for training plans over the life of the sprinter or athlete. Fundamental Guidelines for Building a Champion Sprinter is an easy to read and easy to understand book which will set the foundation for a young athlete’s career progression. It’s a basic outline of common sense mixed with advanced training techniques which will benefit you greatly.

The book is a must read for any coach who is looking at the long-term goals of their athletes. Not following these guidelines could see the young athlete never fulfill their potential by causing irreparable damage to their future ability to generate strength and speed. The book rounds out the Key Concepts Series with topics very dear to Coach Francis’ heart - specifically balance and thought need to be prioritized over volume and intensity. Training correctly supersedes doing large quantities of training the wrong way. Less is almost always more. High volume work combined with frequent intensity applied in the incorrect way tends to be the largest training error which is made. Compounded over time, not following the correct methodology will lead to injuries and compromise an athlete’s potential.

Fundamental Guidelines for Building a Champion Sprinter is the last book in the “Key Concepts” series. To learn the specifics of the other books in the Charlie Francis “Key Concepts” series, please read “The Structure of Training for Speed”, “Training for Power and Strength in Speed”, “Super Compensation and Recovery”, “High Intensity Training – Expanding the Limits of Performance”, “Race Dynamics and Sprint Techniques”, and Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) for Maximum Speed Development.  Further information can also be found in the books “The Charlie Francis Training System” and ”Speed Trap”. Many of the Key Concepts are also highlighted in the video training series called “GPP Essentials” and “Inside the SPP” which are available at