GPP Essentials Video ( Elite Speed Training Prep phase) General Preparation Phase for all speed and power sports


Francis says of " The General Preparation Phase" , " The GPP is  vital to the success of an annual plan".... regarding all sports including Athletics, football, hockey, soccer, tennis and rugby. If your sport relies on speed, acceleration and or power... GPP is an essential tool to help you understand how to master your potential. 

Francis and Coon have used  all components of this 45 plus minutes download to successfully service a wide variety of athletes, private clients, weekend warriors and masters clientele for the past 20+ years. Francis coached Coon using these methods which made her a national sprint hurdle champion. 

Francis narrates this best selling product.

GPP or General Preparation Phase video covers the following,

1. Basic drills / Power Speed drills useful for all sports and should be one of the first things coaches teach developing athletes

2. Warm-up 1 and 2 , it's importance and guidelines  pnf stretching , varied sit-ups, hurdle walkovers, medicine ball throws with partner and explosive drills, plyometrics and the role they play inside GPP.

3. Proper sprint mechanics, acceleration, top speed, the role hill workouts play in speed training.

For a list of weight lifting exercises Francis and Coon used see the blog here.   

For further discussion on the role weight lifting plays in the highest level competitive sprinting see Weights for Speed Bundle, Speed and Strength as well as many of the forum reviews. #CoachCharlieFrancis #SpeedTrap #100mOlympicGold #100mWorldRecord #9.79 #BenJohnson #CarlLewis #DanielGordon #9.79*